The main reason why I started writing plays was so that I would have access to plays that my students could stage without having to go through the arduous process of requesting for copyright or paying for royalties. I completely respect the need to protect one's work, but it is difficult when working on a tight budget and also taking into account the need to appeal to a more modern audience, since plays that are no longer contained by copyright are older. So, if you like my plays, I would love for you to stage it. You just need to send in a request and I will email it you. Also, if you have written plays that you think would be suitable for students to stage, I would love to read it and give my students a chance to perform it. Theatre is a medium that benefits from sharing, so let's share and benefit together :)

The Plays

The David Series

Four plays. One man's journey.

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Stand-Alone plays

Plays with their own self-contained universe

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Old works. New look.

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